Mother of CI's


Title: Master Crafter/Mother of CI’s
Former Titles: Warlord, Elusian General
Homeworld: Elusia
Status: Sealed away in an unknown location
Bio: Maika is believed to have come from the Boldarian Empire, she created constructs and magic workings more advanced than ever seen. These creations were also used against her in the Age of Chaos by Fys. During that period she rallied the guardians and defended Antares against Fys. When the Age of Chaos ended, she disappeared with warning or reason. The impact of her work is most felt in Zwindler where they research any material they have on her and place laws against certain creations with harsh penalties.

A small group of people know that Maika is an actually an offworlder, a human from the world of Elusia. She was a researcher during their war with the Nessi and even by that worlds standards was brilliant. She made the Constructed Intelligences, ghost like creations that act like living beings and have the ability to manipulate magic in ways others cannot. She also has a weapon to which no one has seen used and is hidden somewhere in one of her bunkers on Antares. When she sealed herself away it was because the world was not ready for the advancement in magic that would come with her.



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