People of Sanctum


[NPC] The people of sanctum Director Lazarus Sukov Race: Elf Gender: Male Age: 199 Affiliation: Sanctum, Zwindler Title held: Director of Sanctum, MIA Description: Lazarus is a mage of many arts and an elf who preferred the chaos of Cylan over the society in Zwindler. In his time, he was Unrivaled in his understanding of the schools of Abjuration, Conjuration and Transmutation. Bards sing a tale about the elf who survived a trip to shade valley, many believe him to have been that. Two years before the Nessi Invaded Cylan he was seen in Herso and then vanished without so much as a trace. …Until now that is, fifty years ago he found Sanctum in his words. “When I was in Cylan I came across some records in an abandoned dig site when I found an etching of a really old map indicating a secret under a place called fate’s descend. Matching to it the current icon of Gigi’s bay. When I arrived this was just a cavern with decaying ruins, so I began to bring people in to work on it and it flourished.”

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Avrion Thil Hylda Race: Dwarf Gender: Male Age: 170 Affiliation: Sanctum, Thelos Title held: Prince of Thleos(3rd in line) Description:Prince Thil Hylda of Thelos was one of the most respected princes of the Thelos. Often admired for his kind and generous nature. About fifty five years ago he went with a group of Thelosian knights to Herso to attempt to repel the invasion and was never heard of again… …Until He was found working in Sanctum as on of its leads commanders. The difference between him and Sukov being that he likes to lead the charge.

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Avrion Clad Race: Human Gender: Male Age: unknown Affiliation: Sanctum Title held:Leader of the Rescue Search Recovery Team (RSRT) Description: Not much is known about the identity of the man in the armor, what is known is that he is a capable fighter and leader. His favored weapon is a mechanical composite longbow designed for better accuracy at long range. His suit of armor is said to have been crafted by Lazarus as a prototype to getting injured soldiers back on the battlefield.

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Avrion Princess Liliy Asteria Race: Human Gender: Female Age: 14 Affiliation: Sanctum, Cylan Title held: Princess of Cylan (1st and only in line) Description:The Asteria family was one of the few families claiming a direct bloodline to the Cylan Royal family. Given the traits of the Cylan royal family were to grow into the arcane arts at a young age, Lily has proven to do exactly that. The Asteria’s prided themselves on knowledge and power through knowledge and power from that knowledge. They are also the most hunted family given the claim they hold dearly. With that in mind like the empress they grow up with a guardian at their side. Lily is called the beating heart of Sanctum, she represents the morality and good that all of Sanctum wish to see. Loche Race: Unknown Gender: Male(presumed) Age: Unknown Affiliation: Sanctum, Cylan Title held: Lily’s Guardian Description: Loche is a member of the duskknights, the sworn order to protecting the descendants of the Cylan Empress. They demonstrate a loyalty as fierce as Jessica Heart did for Octavia and are sworn to the side of the descendant until death. Given Lily and Loche are both alive this atest to his ability to survive.

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Avrion…3&d=1350108290 Faye Race: Knox Gender: Female Age: Three Cycles(whatever that means) Affiliation: Sanctum, Nessi Title held: Grand Master Scout, Sentinel, Nessi Renegade Description: You see a short silver haired, black eyed woman standing about three feet tell. You know her to be wicked fast and unpredictable. When you first met she disguised as Tycho to get information about Faulconer but then was quick to warn everyone… in her eyes that is. She is one of Sanctums most loved individuals, most owe their lives to her. She is viewed as Lily’s only family, a master scout and a great chef. Spending her time training the guards and talking with Lily at Sanctum. While her past is somewhat of a mystery between Lazarus and Lily it is gathered that she may not as crazy or homocidal as once thought.

People of Sanctum

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