People of the Oasis


[NPC] Important People of the Oasis Steppes…hairphenom.jpg Name: Rion Arcanus Affiliation: Zwindler, Emari Station: Renegade charged with treason / Refugee. Commander of the Arcani Guard Age: believed to be 170-178 Height: 6ft Bio: Viewed to be one of the more unorthodox wizards of his time, Rion has been a student of all schools of magic. His books on theoretical magic are something all practicing the arcane arts have either read out of interest or heard about. His experiments just as costly. Recently assigned to Emari He has been working on a project only those in the Oasis know about. In recent news Rion has been revealed to the be last and only descendant of the great Archmage Arcanus who fought off the Balor in Zwindler four hundred years ago. With such a power running in the family it explains both his power and wealth. His knack for destroying colleges in the name of science however are his own. Now charged with treason after resigning from the army he has pulled all his assets to the Emari homeland. While it is unknown what will be done with him on the Emari front, he will never be allowed to return to Zwindler. Personality:He seems very neutral through most activities and often very cautious of their consequences. Often viewed as eager and aloof he sometimes appears absent minded but his heart seems to be geared to stopping the Nessi at any cost.

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Avrion…_OceanLord.jpg Name: Serah Rezial Affiliation: Emari Guard – Eagle Knight Station: Falcon General Age: Early 30’s Height: 5ft 5in Bio: Trained by one of the best captains the Emari had to offer; Lukas Baldwin. She has grown up around the sword and fought with it. While most spent time training to prepare for the worst, Serah lived a life forcing herself to unite the smaller dissident tribes into the Emari for their protection. As such her tactics and loyalty to the Emari are second to none. She was chosen as captain for the outpost given her ability to manage, adapt and change if need be. on the 5th of Gozren she was promoted to the Falcon General rank and now manages the defenses of Loki, Arctosa’s hand and the Oasis Steppes. Personality: She is stern, to the point with no nonsense. Her life belongs to her job and failure is not an option to her at all. Some say she has a soft interior but cannot show it as all the men in the fort look to her for orders.

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Avrion…Gold_Seven.jpg Names: Cheyenne and Yoko the wolf Affiliation:Emari Windcallers Station: Master Druid Age: 24 Height: 5ft 3in Bio: Cheyenne was once an ordinary orphan of the Emari, she spent her early childhood in Nokir without a father or mother. The windcaller druids eventually came to her orphanage and selected her and three others. Cheyenne was pleased to have a home, even if it was in the wilderness. From that point on she became a child of wild; learning all of the teachings of the windcallers. It did not take her long to learn to master the ways as it seem to fit her path and determination to preserve what is only natural. Yoko was the wolf chosen for her, to represent the beast that lay behind her soft spoken voice and gentle appearance. It was no surprise when Elder Druid Froshaw stationed her at the Oasis Steppes to watch over the guards and make sure morale was high. To also serve as the Captains assistant when needed. Personality: Often viewed as shy and innocent, many overlook her status as a windcaller master druid. She often speaks softly and usually only when there is warmth to be shared.

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Avrion…pg?4006http:// Arvoy Benedict Affiliation: Arcani Guard Station: Phantom Race: Human Age: 32 Bio: The Benedict family is one that has served with Arcani guard for as long as their history recalls. As such Arvoy while significantly younger than the elves of the order. He had to demonstrate his superiority both as a Magus and as a Soldier. He studied with the Guard as many others do and has been at Rions side for most of his twelve years of service. To him any enemy of the Arcanus is an enemy of the Guard. Personality: He seems to be diplomatically inept as well as courteous and addresses everyone with formality and expects none for himself.

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Attachment 7062 Tycho Bishop Affiliation Country of the Emari Station Civilian Race Human Augment Augment Infernal Infusion Age17 Bio Tycho is an Emari commoner from the Hamlet of Ver. He was training to be a soldier when unknown circumstances changed him into one of the Cylan Empress failed experiments. Before that he was a kid training to be a soldier and helping his sister Elena at the farm they had with their mother and father. Personality: Tends to be sarcastic, childish and emotional.

People of the Oasis

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