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Retired Characters…DnD/Fiolad.jpg Fiolad Quickblade and Mererka the Ancient Race: Elf Class: Spellblade Bladebound Kensai Magus Age: 150 Backstory: Fiolad’s life was set from the moment he was born the first born in a ancient line of Zwindler Elves known as the Keepers of Mererka the Ancient. Merkera is a ancient blade that dates supposedly back to before the founding of Zwindler itself, said to have been wielded by heroes of legend from Age of Chaos when the world was still young. Whatever the truth the sword is older then even the elves can remember, and is undoubtedly a powerful blade in the right hands. Being the first born of his family it was Fiolad’s destiny to wield Mererka when his father died and this wieght has been over Fiolad’s life since his first breath. From the moment he could lift a sword he began to train for his destiny studding in the small college his family ran which specialized in the use of special Dueling Blades patterned after Merkerka, and combining an elves natural gift for magic with the unique weapon. As a boy Fiolad was young brash and arrogant he felt that because he was destined to wield the ancient blade he was better then all the other students in fact better then everyone he met. This belief was reinforced by his natural skill with the blade he was always top of his class by a large margin, none of his peers and even many of his teachers couldn’t match his skill. However despite his skill Mererka would not accept Fiolad as a wielder refusing to talk to the brash young elf, and if Mererka would not accept him he could not follow in his families ancient line. Fiolad threw himself into training harder and his anger further fueled his arrogance. Then one day a Arcadian wander arrived wishing to enter the college to train, said he was a wander looking for the Way of War and wished to know what the elves knew of it. His father accepted this new student which enraged young Fiolad, and human an outsider would be granted permission to train in the ancient style of the college only the best like himself should be allowed to study at the college. At first Fiolad simply ignored the wander feeling that the man was beneath him and that if his father wouldn’t listen to reason that at least he didn’t have to care. Fiolad figured that the wander would fail as even great elven warriors had trouble mastering the Dueling Sword. This went on for several months but then Fiolad began to hear rumors that the wander hadn’t simply mastered the Dueling Sword but had begun to adapted the style with other martial arts he had picked up in his travels, that the man was a true master. This praise and the very thought that this wander this human could pick up the blade so readily and to have the arrogance to adapt the ancient style that had been perfect over generation was to much for Fiolad to handle. Fiolad in a rage challenged the warrior to a fight, one that would determine who was truely the best, Fiolad felt assured he would win. The two squared off and in a matter of seconds Fiolad found himself on the floor his weapon lying out of reach his opponent standing over him not even a scratch on him. Fiolad said the man had cheated using a short sword along with the Dueling Sword, not fighting him in the style of the school, he demanded a rematch and the wanderer couldn’t use the short sword. The man accepted again, this time Fiolad had his weapon knocked away with a single blow as the man took a two handed grip on the dueling sword putting more force into his blow then Fiolad expected. Once again Fiolad raged the man had cheated again, the Mererka Style didn’t use a two handed grip to allow the fighter to have a hand free for magic. Fiolad demanded a rematch again, and the wanderer could only use Mererka Style the man accepted but said the results wouldn’t change. Once again Fiolad was defeated in short work as he fell to the knees in shock the man walked up to him offering a hand, and giving a bit of advice “You will never master the sword until you have mastered yourself first, all the talent in the world will not let you beat an opponent who has truely mastered himself.” Shortly after the wander left and Fiolad was left to contemplate the mans words, his father had told him many times that the Mererka was only as strong as it wielder. To Fiolad he had always thought that meant the simply his skill with the blade, and magic. Yet he began to see that there was a deeper meaning to those words that being strong wasn’t just about your skill or ability but about who you are what you stood for what you believed in. Fiolad had never really considered these things his destiny had always seemed to be all he was, but that didn’t make him a person. As with all things with elves it took time and lots of introspection but eventual he determined who he was what his goals were and finally Mereka accepted him as an hier to his family line. Now his father has passed on the blade to him and Fiolad has been called on by the Zwindler council to join the war effort against these invaders the Nessi, Fiolad is to be a symbol of his people and many expect him to be a hero as in the legends, but who can tell what the future will bring. Fiolad’s Personality Fiolad is dedicated to constantly improving himself, ever since his run in with an Arcadian Wanderer he has strived to become a better person. He still comes off slightly arrogant and aloof, but he is working on being more personable and laid back. While most of his life he only saw himself as the destined heir to Mererka in recent years he has looked for other reasons for his existence beyond just a master swordsman, and to find a use for his skills. After years of soul search he has determined that there are two things he wants in life, first is to evolve the martial arts style his family has used for years, secondly he wants to discover the truth behind the Nessi not to nessarily fight them but to find a way to end the war with as little bloodshed as possible. Mererka’s Info Mererka is an ancient blade with a world view that makes even the long lived elves seem short, for Mererka the world has moved on while he has stayed the same. Though in truth Mererka has changed more then he would admit as he takes on characteristics of each of his wielders but the change is so gradual he doesn’t even recognize it nor would any one who knew him. Personality wise Mererka is very proper individual who wants thing just so, he believes that life should be ordered and neat and strives to impart that to his wielders. His overall goal is to turn his wielder into a great hero as he was built to be be wielded by such heroes, however this goal has a dark side to it Mererka is loath to admit, for a great heroes to be born great conflicts need to exist and to that end Mererka will sometime attempt manipulate his wielder to force such conflicts. His rigidness sometimes cause conflict with his current wielder Fiolad, and his secret need for conflict has caused issues in the past between him and his wielder.

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Jackman Van Helsing(retired)…%20helsing.jpg Jackman Van Helsing Appearance: You see a human male in his mid thirties with long dark hair and steely eyes. He has a perpetual 7 o’clock shadow that never seems to go away and long hair to his shoulders. He is often seen wearing a long black trench coat, black gloves, black leather pants, and black boots along with his usual armor. Background A professional chef with a penchant for weapons design and crafting, Van Helsing is a man of contradictions. Born a Sons of Arcadia in the capital city of Guinevereā€™s heart, Van Helsing was raised among miners of iron and mithral. His mother was a cook and father a blacksmith. From an early age, he was put to work in the field kitchens helping to peal potatoes or onions while feeding dozens of hungry miners. When the deposits would dry up or become to difficult to get to, Van Helsing would move with his family and the other miners to the next one. This all changed when he was twelve. Raiders of unknown origin raided the mine and killed everyone. He was left for dead, but became the lone survivor. Twenty years later, he works in Kayden’s reach and is part of the defense force. His duties are mostly in the camp kitchen, but on the side he likes to fiddle with his crossbow looking for ways to improve it.

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Jeanne Rosabelle Angelique (Retired)

Jeanne Rosabelle Angelique Jeanne was born in Thelos, raised with tutelage under the sword to become a holy knight. In her youth she was an avid reader, and fondly regarded the legends of the paladins of past days, in their crusades against the forces of Cylan. Growing up with such tales as her inspiration, she fostered a strong sense of justice within herself. As she grew older, though, she came to realize that her childhood fancies were somewhat romanticized. She was somewhat at odds with the fervor and zeal shown by her fellow paladins. While she agreed with their ideals, she thought them to be somewhat overeager and heavy-handed in their methods. Seeking a more moderate path of righteousness, she left the holy order to study abroad in Zwindler at the age of 17, hoping to broaden her horizons, and learn more about the world she wished to protect. She decided for herself that instead of relying on an ancient, holy code, she would be true to herself, and right wrongs as she saw them. While the paladins of Thelos called her undisciplined, she had come to a conclusion on the nature of her sense of justice. But, having left the holy order of Thelos, she could not resume the training she had began as a paladin. With the mysterious Nessi enshrouding more and more of the continent, the young woman felt her call to arms. In order to resume her training, she sought tutelage from a figure she had learned of during her time in Zwindler – a Living Legend, the Master of War Therdraun. Hearing rumor that he had come out of retirement, she began traveling, picking up information about his whereabouts as she went. She always seemed to be one step behind him, until now. Kayden’s Reach. Standing at the gates of the city, she knew that Therdraun was here. There would be no more reliance on the legendary figures of novels and historical tomes. It was time to meet a true legend, face-to-face.

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obtusehobbit…D/Someone2.jpg Therdraun Backstory Therdraun was born in the Ashlands and as all Arcadians he was taught to fight and the ways of war. He was an apt pupil to say the least quickly taking to war like a fish in water, but his skill was only surpassed for his desire for to understand the way of war. He felt that while the Arcadians of the ashland where undoubtly well versed in combat and the way of war that their was something more to it. So on his 13th birthday when he became a man according to his tribes traditions he left home taking his sword to wander the world in search of the truth of war as he called it the ultimate understanding of the way of war. He traveled the world of over 20 years traveling to all the nations the world had to offer studying and learning all he could. He survived the back alleys of Cylan, fought alongside the Paladin’s of Thelos, studied for a time at a college in Zwindel, and worked as a mercenary in Herso. He had many adventures in his day and while he learned much he never seemed to find the Truth of War he was looking for. Eventually as the years dragged on he lost hope, and returned home setting down his sword and contenting himself to die a peaceful death in his homeland. Then one day a young man darkened his door, a man named Tiersan Pereginus. Therdraun had meet the young man years ago while studying and training at a war college in Herso toward the end of his years of wandering. The two had formed a bit of a friendship Therdraun perhaps seeing some of himself in the eager young man. It seemed that Tiersan had come to ask for the old warriors aid, and while rusty Therdraun agreed to be the young boys bodyguard and adviser taking up the sword he had laid down once more in his final adventure. The years have not been kind but Therdraun is still a formidable warrior and has forgotten more about fighting then most will ever know. Who is to say what the future may hold, perhaps in his final adventure Therdraun will find the answers he seeks. STATUS:Killed in Action

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Ryou [Now an NPC]

Ryou…ney/Ryuhou.jpg Ryou is a druid with many secrets. He appeared asking to see Master Druid Cheyenne and details about him are hard to come by about the mysterious man who seems to know more but his details in many areas of common knowledge seem to be lacking. What is clear though is his determination to fight the Nessi – denouncing them as unnatural beings that unbalance the world.

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Gillis Morder (Retired)

Character Profile Name: Gillis Morder Appearance: A slightly stocky man of fairly average height who, if nothing else, looks to be fairly strong and of decent health. He has short brown hair cut in a manner unusually neat for a wanderer, a piercing blue right eye and a worn-out leather eye patch with an oddly patterned scar emanating from behind it (some note it as looking like some sort of stylized spiral or odd fern-like design) over the left. His skin is hardly remarkable; the kind of beige typical of most humans one might see wandering about with the slight tan typical of one who does a lot of walking. He has his facial hair cut into a short goatee surrounded by a slight five o’clock shadow. The very edges of his face are bordered by trim, rectangular sideburns that run just below the earlobes of his perfectly ordinary ears. His typical attire consists of a loose indigo tunic that hangs halfway between his belt-line and his knees with sleeves that dangle about elbow-length just at the end of his black leather braces. The plunging neckline of his tunic reveals the collar of his chain mail which he wears almost religiously under his clothing. He wears a pair of grey cloth pants secured by a belt weighed down with a sling and dagger largely hidden under his tunic with the exception of a few telling wrinkles and folds. These pants puff and sag slightly just below the knee where his soft leather boots begin. They are a light brown color, worn with age and are secured and tightened by a series of straps near the top of the bootleg, by the ankle and halfway down the length of his foot. Slung over his shoulder is a dark quiver of finely crafted (yet obviously affordable to the discerning eye) arrows just beneath a weighty, well-made wooden crossbow strapped to the quiver with some random strips of various rags and leathers assembled into an improvised lashing. Age: 27 Height: 5’9" Weight: 165 lbs Race: Human Class: Sorcerer Alignment: Neutral Personality: Self-sure and bit cocky, but not annoyingly so. Generally interested in keeping the peace or jumping ship if things get too hot to handle and finding something a bit more suitable to his ends. His loyalty might be fleeting, but so long as one has it, it’s as good as gold. Backstory: He grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Thelos, as his great-great-grandparents left Emari many decades ago to escape the heavy magical regulations. Hailing from a bloodline which once housed many powerful and respected wizards, the last one with any sort of claim to fame having been thrown out of Emari for treason which is the kind of thing Gillis’ great-great-grandfather was probably trying to avoid (though the guy writes a hell of a book). As time has gone on it has become a bit less notable. The family is as of late a small yet far-spread group; mostly healers, diviners or doers of whatever other parlor tricks put food on the table. Gillis was originally thought to have been passed over by the family talent, but at the age of nine he accidentally blew out one of his eyes after a bolt of lightning shot from his hand during a particularly heated debate over who ate the last of the bread. Since then, he’s been developing his craft on his own, drifting from town to town. Now, be it from family that he’s met on his journey or the drunken ramblings of beggars who seem to know of his lineage Gillis has begun to hear talk of various relatives that he hasn’t heard from in years and it all seems to rotate around some group called the “Nessi.” This was confirmed after he received a mysterious letter directing him to the Oasis Steppes for reasons regarding this “Nessi.” He decided that, whatever might come of it, he could stand to do a bit more “investigating” on the matter.

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Dust Bowie(KIA)

Human Fighter…sheetid=417077

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Vaellyn, the last paladin of Iomedae His faithful steed Bill…night_King.jpg Backstory: As the oldest of five children Vaellyn always felt the need to protect everyone, whether it was his siblings or the other children in his village of the Emari tribe. The moment he found his calling though was not a grand one, it was as simple as a traveling merchant coming to town. Vaellyn’s parents gave him and his siblings each a little silver to buy a toy, while his brothers all picked out wooden swords, and his sisters picked out dolls, it was a thick book bound in white, decorated with a longsword that called to Vaellyn. The merchant told him it was called “The Acts” and it was the holy book of a goddess who had left them, the goddess of valor and justice Iomedae. Vaellyn quickly purchased the book and ran home to begin reading. By the time Vaellyn was old enough to join the army of the Emari tribe he had read “The Acts” enough time to recite it forwards and backwards in his sleep. It wasn’t until he began training that he noticed the feeling of an outside force guiding his hand to strike his targets. Vaellyn consulted the clerics, those few that remained, and they told him his devotion to the teachings of Iomedae may have granted him the blessing of being a Paladin of the goddess. He took this news to heart and began working even harder at his training, with the light within him assisting him along the way. By the time his training was over Vaellyn almost radiated an aura of good, smiting foes with ease. Years passed and Vaellyn’s exploits grew, with there being so few paladins he was a rare and welcome sight on the battlefield. It was not long into his twenty first year that Vaellyn received a letter from Falcon General Serah Reziel, commanding his presence at the Oasis Steps, the frontlines of the battle. He packed his things and quickly made way for the Steps, knowing that this was his chance to do what he felt most important, protecting the tribes of Arcadia as the last paladin of Iomedae.

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Phirocles Lestal…D_09_small.jpg The son of two guards for a trading caravan in the Arcadian Desert, Phirocles grew up sitting on a wagon with a toy bow in his hands. Naturally curious about the world around him, as a young boy he was caught in the wagon of the caravan’s alchemist, forced to work as the mans errand boy for his actions, he discovered he had natural talent in the alchemical arts, and asked to be the mans apprentice, it only took him five years to surpass his teacher. When he came of age, he departed from the caravan, to seek his own fortune, heading to the lands of Herso to investigate rumors of powerful alchemical substances.

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Quarran Ryterson

Quarran Ryterson Attachment 7626 “Once I believed in Gods that watched over us, guarding us and guiding our paths. As I watch this war it becomes clearer to me there are no such beings. In such a world … where does a believer with no faith belong?” Quarran Ryterson In the world many faiths are taught, true or false many do not know though those who are the fervant most in their beliefs and gifted seem to have powers given to them by Gods which confirms their status in the eyes of the general people. Quarran Ryterson is one of those people – a believer in what had been a relatively small movement known as Proficiscor or the Faith of the Great Journey also known by some as The Path (Referred to as Pathians) later on. Its tenents were relatively simple - Seek the Truth whatever it may be - Never fear to stretch - The journey and not the destination matters most Quarran was the of the followers of Proficisicor to receive divine blessings of any srt – granted to him when he was making a pilgrimage between shrines in different places for he had joined the churches small priesthood and went to each to aide, protect and teach them. It was when he visited the shrine not far from the Black Citadel 61 years ago that the ability began to show in him. It was there, praying and seeing tat he receied the vision – fires wrecked the sky as creatures dark as night descended upon the land covering it in fog and darkness, removing it from sight slowly enveloping more and more with fire and brimstone leading as people fell helpless to defend and a voice mockingly spoke “What path can you find to avert this?” He shook out of it but … he was changed. It began to come slowly but he had abilities of that of an Inquisitor and he became Quarran Ryterson, Pathian and Defender of the Faith because of all of them, none were better at finding, leading and seeking the truth out. As he returned to other lands he rarely spoke of his vision but it haunted his dreams at night – instead he spoke of the journey of being ready always to undertake one and the other parts of his faith which now had a legitamacy it never had before and flourished. When Quinn fell he thought little of it – busy in an ongoing dispute of sorts with some of the mid-tier priests and beaurocrats in Thelos. Surprisingly (/sarcasm) a nomadic priesthood and faith didn’t really fit with their ideas of stablity. When Cylan fell he began to speak a bit of what he had seen and what he had meant by journies to come especially as reports of no one returning from either nation came. While it had been 20 years the image of that sending was still as clear as the day he saw it and the words written. As Herso began to fall, he had been trying to get more to work but it seemed to come to naught for more spoke to the need of self defense at most. The images of each nation burning up… lost in time began to consume him and he began to wonder what type of god would send this hopeless message. In the end for now his words in Thelos fell on relatively faint ears and when Herso fell Quarran left Thelos in a fit of fury. He left the church in the hands of others and traveled alone through the various places praying and hoping for another vision… something to guide him. Finally though after wandering Zwindlar, Thelos, and Arcadia for years, he gave into a fit of despair. Taking his bow and glaring above he went through to Herso 6 years ago when he saw a conquered land… one that seemed worst for wear. His faith a frail thing at best beyond his hopes to strike what blows he could he went forward, evading patrols by hiding tracks, invisibility and various dublicitious means. Once establishing the schedule he struck from far with his arrows, aimed to kill and striking true and removing the patroller. After the death of a couple of such patrollers in different parts, he stumbled upon a human who he followed – thinking the man likely a collaborator but seeking to see what he could find out. It was this that led him into Sanctum where he has become their eyes and ears outide in Herso itself.

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Kalran Truesteel

Kalran Truesteel Link:…sheetid=550898 Attachment 8446 Kalran is from Thelos where he served in the Steel Legion – an elite group of dwarven warriors I’m figuring. He slowly rose through the ranks there being well gifted physically and tough minded on the whole but not the most gifted – just very disciplined and a natural fighter for the style he took up a well as a crisp command style that he was able to keep separate from his humour – which was less in evidence in those days. When Prince Thil was putting together a guard to go with him, Kalarn was selected as the 2nd in command of the military side of the expedition. going through the veil as they did – he distinguished himself further was a quick study of how the Nessi fought. His perchance for protecting others sometimes at his own expense began to show here as losses toiled up them. It was here they found sanctum roughly I assume and took cover there. It took him a while to regain composure – the early fighting there whad been tough for him as the men lost had been more under his command in a lot of ways then Thil’s.As he did – he found humour helped and his style not uited so much for work in the field when stealth was needed was changed over to the Arcadian Joint Forces where he could help train those less able as he didn’t need to use harsh drill seargeant techniques and on guard duty in key places when confidentiality was a must

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