Ring of the Adventuring Scholar


A simple band of tempered bronze, this ring contains an engraving of a humble book.

Like a Scholar’s Ring, it grants complete understanding of any written text or spoken language, even one that the wearer has never encountered before (as the comprehend languages spell), as well as a +5 competence bonus on Knowledge (history) checks.

In addition, once every 5 days the wearer can invoke a legend lore spell related to a subject that she has been studying in the previous week, if she has attempted a Knowledge (history) check aided by the ring.

The ring also grants a +5 competence bonus on Knowledge Dungeoneering, Knowledge Engineering, and Linguistics. The last, but by no means least, ability of the Ring of the Adventuring Scholar is the capability to turn it’s wearer invisible once a day for a maximum of three minutes like the spell Invisibility.


The Antaren continent has many who seek to understand it’s various cultures and events. Some believe the surest path to discover the land’s many secrets is to dive directly into whatever ruins lie left behind from previous generations.

This particular ring was crafted by the leviathan Elyss soon after she was “reborn” into the world. She later gifted it to the dwarf Callahan Drummer to aid him and his allies in future endeavors.

Ring of the Adventuring Scholar

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