Arcadia is the central geographical area for the large eastern continent named Antares. Known for being an expansive desert that one must cross if they hope to go north or south. To the north east of Arcadia is Cylan, to the north west is Herso, and to the south is Thelos. It contains the following regions

Elder council
As of the invasion of Quin, the Sons of Arcadia called to unite the tribes under one council. During this time each faction is given a proper representation through tribe elders. To maintain order amongst the tribes, they tribal council resides in the territory of the Astani in Advari’s hold as the Astani are viewed as most neutral of all factions. The reason for the ashlands is that it is almost impossible for assassins or outsiders to get in without help of the locals. Each tribe has one Grand Elders that count for one vote and Elders that count for half a vote.

The elders are as fallows.
Astani- Grand Elder Tolek

SoA- Grand Elder Broly
Elder Covax
Elder Sho’var
Elder Zho

Dulvar – Grand Elder Jade
Elder Yoseph

Emari – Grand Elder Druit
Elder Druid Froshaw

Lok’Nar – Grand elder Lok
elder Nar

Hirotar – Grand elder Hirotar
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