creation and house rules

Creation rules
Point buy: 20
Pathfinder only this time
level 10
Character Wealth by level

House Rules

Leadership Role
If at any time it appears the party is split between 2 or more paths and no progress is made the GM may request a Leadership Role. Each player who was suggesting a path roles a d20 and adds their charisma modifier to it. The highest total is assumed to have won the argument.

Classes (Other then Wizard and Witch) that gain 2 skill points per level gain 4 instead.

Diplomacy table and such shall likely be ignored. The Diplomacy skill is still of use – we are just not using the hostile/unfriendly/neutral/friendly/helpful table and its results will also be based on how you roleplay it.

Hit Points
Rolling HP is done however if you get below average, you take average. (ie. If you roll a 1 or a 2 on a d6 you get 3.)

Vital Strike (and its descendant feats) may be used on Charge or Spring Attack actions. It CANNOT be used in any conjunction with Pounce or Spirited Charge.

Weapon Finesse is a free feat.

Martial Weapon Proficiency grants you access to 1 Weapon Group of Martial Weapons (As per Fighter Weapon Groups).

Worn outfits do not weigh anything unless they give a mechanical benefit.

Guns and Gunpowder do not exist on Antares

Double weapons are treated as two 2H weapons, with both ends receiving 1-1/2x Str mod to damage.

Teleport and Greater Teleport take 10 minutes to cast and can only go to locations you’ve been before.


Druid: Druidic as a language does not exist.

Clarification: All the Shaman and regional druids do NOT gain Wildshape at level 4. They gain it at level 6 with the rules they apply as per normal.

Animal Companions do gain sentience upon gaining Int 3. They become Magical Beasts at this time and are no longer Animal Companions.

Magus’ and Wizards’ (And all similar classes) who take levels in a prestige class that grant continued spell progression learn 1 new spell per level.

Fighter: Fighter’s who take the Tactician archtype gain 6 skill points per level.

Sorcerer: Any ability that creates Claws (Such as the Draconic Bloodline ability) does not have a maximum per day in uses.

Arcane Archer can be pursued by any race.

Soft Cover is given its usual treatment. It is ignored unless there is an ability that uses it

If you Bull rush an enemy into a wall he will be knocked prone

Summoner class is prohibited

creation and house rules

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