Keeper of Souls

Infenal infused reaper

Name: Lady Death
Title: Keeper of Souls
Affiliation: Antares
Race: Human(augmented)/Grim Reaper
Age: 400+
Alignment: N

Bio: Not much is known of the origins of this enigmatic creature aside from her ice cold demeanor and distaste for the living. To preserve the world of Antares from rampant souls she sits in her chapel in Shade Valley calling them to her. She controls an army of reapers and entities caught between life and unlife called Wight Knights. With her power and control over death she may even perceived as a living embodiment of death.

When asked where the souls would go with the Planar shield down she claimed to turn them over to Pharasma with all needed documentation for each soul.

Keeper of Souls

Antares Avrion