Faction Name: Nessi
Alignment: E (LE-CE)
Homeworld: Zachia
Deity’s: None( Speculated Etarl Arioch, Elyss)
Leader: Magnys
Races: Knox, Eldrin, Gallant and 1 Ethorian
Others: see Nessi Lexicon

Description: The Nessi are an invasion force comprised mostly of corrupted Knox and Eldrin. They seek to gather artifacts pertaining to Elyss while exterminating all life on planets.

It was once said that they were the protectors of the multiverse under the rule of Etarl Arioch. However such an entity is no longer with them. proof of this is the group called the Sentinels.

There are three afflictions the Eldrin and Knox can suffer from. They are corruption, madness and decay


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