The Sentinels were once the judiciary system of the Nessi. They regulated and dealt with any that varried from the path chosen by Etarl Arioch in a negative fashion choosing to destroy. They also hunt those afflicted by corruption.

The sentinels had four branches to replresent Elyss’s Compass

The Seed withing the Shield – Also known as a priest/priestess for lack of translation. They were the operations control/think tank. Example Faye

The Sword of thorns – The Vanguard that hunted the criminals and lower corrupted Individuals. Example The Huntress

The Hearted Bow – Collectors of powerful artifacts that they would store in a remote location. Example James Faulconer

The Skull of an arrow – Hunted other Sentiels, higher corrupted Nessi and high value destructive targets. Example Maeve


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