Cylan Empirical Calender.

Before the Age of Chaos(BAC)
-1400 to -500 BAC – Age of the forgotten, nothing known remains of this time period.
-499 to -150 BAC – Age of Prosperity, Reign of the Boldarian Empire.
-150 to -0 BAC – Age of Decay, fall of the empire, Rise to the Warlords

Age of Chaos;

This time period is when the empire finished collapsing and the world fell to ruin. While there were no governments there seemed to be opposing factions. There was one main conflict that stood out amiss the apocalyptic ruins.
Warlod Maika formerly great wizard Maika of the Boldarian Empire and the Army of the Stars versus Warlord Fys and her Pale horde mixed in with the chaos dolls(Used to be the Daughters of the Empire).

After the Age of Chaos
0 AAC – Final Conflict- Fys and her army were defeated, Maika sealed herself away. During this battle the Emari Wasteland(now home to the Emari) was created out of the amount of damage due to magic.

1 AAC – Start of the age of Primal, magic still feared.
30 AAC – People begin to relearn reading, writing and other useful skills.
40 AAC – The Empire of Cylan forms around the old Boldarian Empire Castle region.
75 AACThelos Monarchy is formed, nation of Thelos emerges with a monarchy.
500 AACQuin becomes territory to the Dwarves. Claiming the area under a diplomatic rule.
600 AAC – The Astani are discovered in the Ashlands. Trade between the Astani and Cylan commences
800 AAC – Province Hirotar declares independence from Thelos. Civil war breaks out.
820 AACHirotar succeeds in independence, declaring an area Arcadia – land of the free.
1200 AAC – Trade routes between Hirotar, the Ashlands, Thelos, Cylan and Quin established.
1400 AAC- the Dulvar emerge as a tribe of Arcadia
1500 AAC- End of the age of primal

1501 AAC – Beginning of the age of Ascension.
1502 AAC – Due to popularity of the Region, a large unclaimed region becomes known as Herso – Home to the merchants
1670 AAC – A bunch of small tribes in the Heart of Arcadia band together forming the Sons of Arcadia claiming the heart.
1750 AAC – The area south of Thelos is explored, Inhabitants are elven and the nation of Zwindler is formed making a strong alliance with Thelos.
1800 AAC – Start of the war of Hatred, Half races begin fighting in Thelos and Arcadia for a land of their own.
1825 AACLok’Nar is formed mainly of Half-elves and Half-orcs. Welcomes all bastard races.
2000 AAC – Wanderers of the wasteland form settlements calling themselves the Emari.
2050 AAC – the Frostguard is established in Quin, reason unknown.
2070 AAC- Cylan declares new Monarch, nicknamed the Queen of the Dammed.
2100 AAC – End of the Age of Ascension

2101 AACCylan invades Quin marking the start of the start of the Cylan Wars.
2102 AAC – The Great Wyrm Attir appears in Arcadia ruining villages in the Sons of Arcadia territory.
2103 AAC – A Balor named Dezeb appears in Zwindler.
2125 AAC – The holy orders of Imeodae, Sarenrae and Torag go crusading towards Cylan, meeting the Queen of the Dammed’s devil army. They are joined by James Faulconer and his mercenary band.
2130 AAC – The tribes of Arcadia unite to deal with Attir, The Emari windcallers managed to put the beast back into hibernation.
2140 AACThelos and Zwindler push the Demon’s forces back to Deckons Perch. Archmage Arcanus sacrifices himself to defeat Dezeb.
2150 AAC – The Astani and Sons of Arcadia send troops to assist in Quin. Cylan invades Herso.
2179 AACZwindler, the Emari and Thelos join in fighting. Herso is freed from Cylan invaders
2185 AAC – The joint forces push Cylan out of Quin and make a push on the The Black Citadel formally the Boldarian Royal Castle.
2187 AAC – There is a devastating battle in southern Cylan that creates a place now known as Shade Valley]
2200 AACCylan Empire lies in ruins from allied forces.
2210 AAC – The Queen of the Dammed is defeated in the Black Citdael. The doors are shut and never to be opened again.
2210 AAC – End of Cylan wars. Antares looses its connection with Deities for reasons unknown. James Faulconer disappears.

2211 AAC – Begining of the Free Age
2212 AAC – Nations begin to rebuild numbers and buildings after the war.
2215 AACHerso notices a rise in dark cults and sends messengers to Thelos
2220 AAC – King of Thelos declares The first crusade into Cylan. Every 20 years thereafter another crusade is called in the name of the King.
2300 AAC – Disappearances rampant in Quin. Any spy sent by another nation is not to return from Frostguard.
2400 AAC – The Arcadian tribe trading agreement is signed by all tribes.
2459 AAC – The Dulvar attempt an invasion into Emari and Astani territory unsuccessfully.

2550 AAC – Start of the Nessi Wars.
2550 AAC – Unknown forces invade Quin.
2560 AAC – Last messenger sent from Quin. Death upon Delivery says “The ”/campaign/antares/wikis/nessi" class=“wiki-page-link”>Nessi are coming."
2570 AACCylan and Herso are invaded.
2580 AAC – Contact with Herso and Cylan Lost.
2600 AAC – Present Year
2600 AAC – Nessi Invade Cayden’s Reach, Arcadia.
- Operation Desert Storm, a group of surviors attempt to recover stolen goods from Gnolls that turned out to be working for the Nessi. Sacrificing himself legendary Hero Therdraun seals the fate of the Nessi. The plateau gets nuked.
- The group heads to the Ashlands to attend to the funeral.
- The Nessi attack the Astani capital, Advari’s Hold. Defeated by the group and Warrior nation. Heros of the Hold given to full title.


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