Welcome to Antares

This is a custom setting that pulls on some of the elements of Golarion(mainly the gods). There are two games to this at the moment.

Antares:Nessian Conflict

Players are faced with outragous circumstance as the Nessi and Ikail attempt to cease the Antaren Continent and eventually the world. Struggling against greater odds and hoping to succeed they wish to drive the outsiders from their land or face extermination!

Antares Hunters

Players take the role of a mercenary after the Cylan wars, while many adventures are to be had. Players go against the grain taking up some of the crummiest but highest paying jobs.

Note to any artist that finds his work here. First off I’d like say you are a badass, a bonafide badass. It means that out of 1000 pictures someone picked your art for a character because it suit them best. This is a free gaming so there aren’t any profits to be had, but if you wish us to not use your art send me a pm. Though we will remove it, we will miss it. Because it is badass.


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