Queen of the Dammed


Tittle: Queen of the Dammed
Former Title: Cylan Empress
Status: Sealed away in the black citadel
Alignment: LE
Bio: The last Empress of the Cylan Empire. Before the she started the Cylan Wars she warned of a coming darkness. When no one listened to her killed the leader of the Devil’s and brought several Lich’s under her control. With that she also had a war council full of some of Antares’ deadliest fighters. She launched the Cylan Wars showcasing the world was not ready for an invasion like the one she had seen. The onslaught united every corner of the world against her and near the end many believe she let herself be killed by the paladin Piotr Dawnbringer. She created many horrors including the Infernal Infused soldiers, one of whom created Shade Valley, a place mortals dare not trifle with.

Unknown to most however is her plan, one to fend off the Nessi by uniting the Guardians. She persuaded Ivan by surrendering to Piotr Dawnbringer and now has sent individuals to gather and bring the guardians together. She has an apprentice whom has only been seen once and the result was not pleasant. She also created the Frostguard in Quin as a means of defense against the Nessi and is also responsible for activating the device that prevents communication with the gods and most of the planes out in the multiverse.



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